How long does the ED medications effect last?

The pharmaceutical market offers a wide range of ED medications, starting from traditional Viagra and finishing by generic Levitra and Kamagra. The main difference lies in the active ingredients used, but the duration of effect depends on it, too. Let’s compare the effect of different popular medications.

Comparison of ED medications effect

Viagra 4 hours
Levitra About 5 hours
Kamagra Gel 4 hours
Penegra 4 hours
Cialis Black 24-36 hours

The main reason why Cialis Black is preferred to Viagra and other sildenafil drugs is that this medication can work for a much longer period. No other analog brings so fantastic long-term results, and Cialis is gaining popularity around the world with a tremendous tempo.

A few words about ED drugs

The principle of action is the same for all impotence medications: the drug blocks PDE5 inhibitors and promotes stronger blood flow to penile tissues. Cialis is also suitable for curing prostate diseases and conditions. Since its effect lasts for 36 hours, and it can be used on a daily basis. It’s the only ED drug that can be taken regularly.

What’s ED drug onset time?

With the vast majority of ED drugs, the effects get pronounced within 20-30 minutes. To a much extent, the effect also depends on the dosage. Those who have erectile dysfunction caused by physical conditions may perform well after 10-20 mg dose. Males without diseases (for instance, when ED is caused by aging simply) can be recommended to take one 20-50 mg pill about 30-40 minutes prior to sexual intercourse to reach the best results.

When Cialis is taken on a regular basis, a man doesn’t have to wait until the pills start working: since Tadalafil is always present in the blood, its effect is ever-lasting while the drug is being used. However, if you need super-stunning results, you should consult with your doctor and ask to increase the dose or use pills right prior to sexual intercourse.

The recommended window for ED drug intake

Generally, ED medications can be taken any time at least 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. However, there are many factors that may inhibit or boost its effect. For example, the desired effect can show up later, if pills are taken together with a substantial meal. Avoid using ED drugs with fatty foods, because it may prevent absorbing into the blood. Alcohol may also reduce the positive effects – drink it in moderate amounts, or you won’t be able to reach the desired erection in optimal time.

Please note that if you use Cialis Black on a regular basis, the pauses between intakes should be at least 24 hours: use one pill a day. Otherwise, the concentration of Tadalafil can exceed the normal level. If the medication really works for 36 hours in your case, you can take another pill only when the last stopped working. Alternatively, you can adjust the dose if a normal 10 mg pill is too much, or isn’t enough for you.

If you use Cialis on a daily basis, most likely, your doctor will prescribe either take 2.5 mg pill twice a day, or a 5 mg pill once a day. In this case, you can use the two pills with a 12-hour break: one in the morning and one in the evening together with light meals, or without eating. What if you need to use Cialis once a day? Then doctors typically recommend taking it before sleep, because the pill can make you blush or cause some undesired side effects which may pass during nighttime.

As with any other medication, you should keep tabs on your well-being and decide when it’s more convenient to take Cialis in your individual case. The time of Cialis intake is not as crucial as following the prescribed dose and keeping the concentration of Tadalafil optimal.

Final tips for users

Although the reaction to ED medication is individual, you can accelerate or postpone it. There are some recommendations to make impotence medications as fast and efficient as possible:

  1. Figure out the proper dose. Sometimes a 10 mg pill is not enough to make your body respond to sexual stimulation the way you want. Consult with your doctor and define an appropriate dosage based on your reaction, age, weight, side effects, etc.
  2. Do not mix ED drugs with alcohol. Although the manufacturer claims you can allow yourself a glass of wine or one drink, it will still inhibit the action of the drug. If you’re older than 40, the effect of tablets can be considerably diminished by alcohol even in minor amounts.
  3. Ideally, a pill should be drunk up with a glass of water without chewing – just swallow the whole tablet. However, if you want to use it with foods to prevent stomach issues, just make sure you don’t eat something very fatty and oily. Otherwise, active ingredients won’t be absorbed into the blood flow fully.

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